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Frequently Asked Questions - Qualified Person

In order to apply for a contractor’s license, the applicant must list a single individual person that will be qualifying on behalf of the business entity.

To whom does the term "qualifying party" refer?

The "qualifying party" means a person who is regularly employed by the licensee and is actively engaged in the classification of work for which the person qualifies in behalf of the licensee.
The qualifying party must have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to supervise or perform the contracting work.

Who can be a qualifying party?

The qualifying party may be the owner of a sole proprietor business, one of the partners of a partnership, one of the members or managers of a limited liability company, one of the officers of a corporation, or an employee of the contracting business.

What is the qualifying party required to do?

The qualifying person must pass the required examinations for the license.

The qualifying person must have the required years of experience as a journeyman, foreman, supervisor, or contractor in the classification for which he or she is applying. The usual experience requirement is four years, obtained within ten years before applying.

The qualifying person is charged with the responsibility to:

  • Make technical and administrative decisions;
  • To hire, superintend, promote, transfer, lay off, discipline or discharge other employees and to direct them, either by himself or through others, or effectively to recommend such action on behalf of his principal or employer; and
  • To devote himself solely to his principal or employer’s business and not to take any other employment which would conflict with his duties.

Can the same person serve as the qualifying party for more than one license?

A natural person may not qualify on behalf of another for more than one active license unless:

(a)     One person owns at least 25 percent of each license for which he qualifies or
(b)     One licensee owns at least 25 percent of the other license.

What happens when the qualifying person leaves our employ, or is no longer associated with our company?

You are required to provide written notice to the State Contractors Board within 10 days after termination or disassociation of your qualified person.  Failure to provide this notice within the 10 day time period will result in automatic suspension of your license.

How long do I have to replace the qualified person?

You have 30 days to replace the qualified person.  If a new qualifier is not approved with 30 days, the license is subject to suspension.